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To help raise the academic achievement and literacy of children in Los Angeles County we provide tutoring for children. There are many children in this area who need the additional assistance and support with their academic success. ATLAAS is providing a safe haven where these children can go to receive assistance with their academics. This program will be available after school Monday through Thursday 3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Many of these children do not have access to a computer, but thanks to generous donations we have computers available for youth to do the necessary research, to complete their homework and college applications. We use report cards, state test scores and teacher evaluations to determine which subjects the student struggles in and increase tutoring in those subjects. Our tutoring is tailored to the needs and learning techniques of each student, as what works for one youth does not work for another.

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Saturday Workshop Program

ATLAAS provides two hour long workshops on Saturdays where we provide youth with knowledge to help them understand they can change their circumstances and make their lives better.  ATLAAS makes available education on conflict resolution, healthy living, staying away from gangs, drugs, and alcohol; and bring in counselors or other professionals to talk to youth about self-esteem.

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Life Skills Workshops

As many of the youth in Los Angeles County do not believe they will go to college, these youth have no idea how to apply for college.  Each year, in August, we hold a workshop called “I Want to Go to College”. In this workshop we educate youth and their parents on the various types of financial aid, how to apply for financial aid, writing personal statements for college applications, and provide deadlines for college applications and their requirements. For 9th through 12th grades we include college preparatory education where ATLAAS provides information on what classes students should be enrolled in, when to take SAT’s/ACT’s, and ways to increase their chances of a successful application such as participating in after school activities and volunteering.

Unfortunately, there are many youth in our community who will not go to college at all. These youth will need to find employment after they graduate so they can support themselves. In October we hold another workshop that is designed for these youth who do not plan to attend college and those youth who do but will need to find employment as well. In this workshop we review how to properly complete a job application, how to write and complete a resume; how to behave and answer questions in job interviews; and conduct mock interviews. While we provide this information ATLAAS encourages youth to check out community colleges in the area to receive certifications that may help them obtain jobs.

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Social Skills Workshops

Often, youth realize that they are not alone in their struggles and positively connect with their peers in a social and safe environment.  People meet a variety of social problems and can reduce the stress and punishment from the encounter as well as increase their reinforcement by having the correct skills.

Also, to see another's perspective ATLAAS will assist youth in identifying their peers' feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. In addition, they may be better able to envision how others will react to their behaviors and to inhibit inappropriate responses on their part. ATLAAS will encourage youth to stop, relax, and to think of appropriate responses, rather than acting impulsively. Youth practice role-playing situations, such as how to start, join in, maintain, and end conversations with each other in group. They work on problem-solving strategies; how to identify a problem, brainstorm possible solutions, weigh the pros and cons of each solution, and then to make a plan and check how it worked. Youth will participate in giving each other useful feedback about actual peer conflicts, and allow youth to work on decision-making.

ATLAAS will also conduct a social etiquette class, in the spring.

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Back to School Giveaway

Each year ATLAAS will assist in a Back to School Giveaway for underprivileged youth. It is our hope the Giveaway will service 500 students  in 2013 and provide them with pens, pencils, rulers, notebooks, calculators, etc..  ATLAAS also provided dental hygiene kits for the students.  There will be a specified day in July, where the students and parents come to a location identified at that time to collect the school supplies. To ensure the event is successful we work with other area organizations that help to supply items for the children. Parents of children will need to submit a preliminary registration form to the organization prior to the event day. The form will ask for information on the family’s income, and the family’s contact information.  A review all of the registration froms are completed, to ensure the children being assisted are those who are most in need.  Over 400 youth were served in 2011.

Testimonial #1
” I would like to thank the ATLAAS program for my school supplies.  I am very happy to go to school.”

Testimonial #2
Dear Ms. Bell,
“ Wow! What an amazing experience we had on today at your organization. You and your staff at ATLAAS are just awesome. Your knowledge and concern for the youth in our community on top of the generous gifts to our children was just what was needed as we approach the new school year. With five kids at various stages of their education, making it work financially was a concern. Now we have one less thing to worry about. The notebooks, paper, pencils, pens, and other essentials were right on time.
Thanks for everything...and may God bless you in all of your endeavors.”

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Education for Parents

ATLAAS also provides education for parents who want to help their children prepare for academic success and college. ATLAAS’ website has a section where students and parents can go on the website to learn about what the child should be doing in each grade, where they should be in each subject area, what knowledge the child should have, etc. We have a section with links for educational activities parents can do with their children for free or low cost in Los Angeles County.

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