About Us
Achievement Thru Life skills Academics Arts and Social skills mission is to increase the academic achievements, self-esteem and welfare of K-12 students living in underserved communities in Los Angeles County. Our goal is to raise the student’s academic expectations through conscious observation, literacy and self-esteem by empowering parents and developing effective mentoring relationships.
  • ATLAAS serves a multicultural community of children, teachers, parents, and volunteers with the same values. These shared values and coordinated goals reinforce the impact of an academic achievement.
  • ATLAAS is committed to quality in education and life.
  • ATLAAS recognizes the talents and abilities of all, and challenges children to define, appreciate their individual potential and improve their capabilities.
  • ATLAAS strives to give all children a sense of community, responsibility to others, and awareness of a world constantly changing its technology, culture, and values.
We believe that college might not be in the goals for every youth, but achievement is. Achievement is attaining your goals and dreams. Only you as an individual can measure your achievement. With Achievement comes an aspiration to attain the goal. The only obstacle of not achieving is when one does not believe. Achievement feeds on the belief in oneself. It requires dedication , initiative and determination. A man once told me to achieve the goal, one must eat, sleep and the goal has to be in his heart. Whether through life skills, academics, arts or social skills, Achievement is attainable.
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