U.S. Registration Dates and Deadlines for 2012-13

Test Dates                          Test                      U.S. Registration Deadlines

                                                                                       (Expire at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, U.S.A.)*

                                                                                 Regular                          Late (a fee applies)*

October 6, 2012            SAT & Subject Tests        September 7, 2012            September 21, 2012*

November 3, 2012        SAT & Subject Tests        October 4, 2012                October 19, 2012*

December 1, 2012         SAT & Subject Tests        November 1, 2012            November 16, 2012*

January 26, 201             SAT & Subject Tests        December 28, 2012          January 11, 2013*

March 9, 2013              SAT only **                      February 8, 2013               February 22, 2013*

May 4, 2013                 SAT & Subject Tests        April 5, 2013                     April 19, 2013*

June 1, 2013                 SAT & Subject Tests         May 2, 2013                     May 17, 2013*  

SAT fees for 2012-13
Help your students submit the correct payment when they register by sharing information about fees. Please note the
information about refunds below the table.

SAT Fees FOR 2012-2013



Practice with official SAT questions




Fee waiver available

SAT Subject Tests



Basic Subject Test Fee (Per Registration)


Language with Listening Tests
(Per test)


All other Subject Tests
(Per test)

= Total fees vary by number and type of tests.

See an example

Fee waiver available

Register by Phone

Available only if you've registered previously


Change Fee

Test type, center or date change


Late Fee

Charged if registering after regular deadline but before late registration deadline


Standby Fee

To be paid at test center on day of test


International Processing Fee

For students testing in countries other than the United States and U.S. territories, including Puerto Rico


Additional fee for testing in India and Pakistan

Additional surcharge for students testing in India and Pakistan



Most fees related to the SAT are not refundable. Test and registration fees (including late fees and telephone re-registration fees) cannot be refunded, even if a student cancels his or her test scores or is absent on test day.

The only refundablefees are for:

·     Student Answer Services (QAS or SAS) a student ordered on the Registration Form for a test date that he or she later missed

·    Additional score reports that a student ordered on the Registration Form for a test date that he or she later    missed

If a student ordered the Question-and-Answer Service and the order was not fulfilled (for example, because he or she had to take a makeup test), the student should contact us (this link takes you to the student section of this site) to find out if he or
she is entitled to a refund. Refunds are processed beginning six weeks after the test date.